Fundamental scientific research for adult industry

  • Humanoid cybernetic organisms
    In scope of investigation it’s creation of materials and liquids for artificial organs and tissues to produce human-like cyborgs. The main application of this work for perspective adult services is to populate these organisms into artificial biological environment. Based on special behavior models this whole biological system will provide unique ability to apply the human instincts and wide range of fantasies based on the instincts
  • Liquid computer hardware systems
    This investigation is a part of Humanoid cybernetic organisms, but completely oriented on the creation of the computational hardware core for artificial biological objects
  • Teleportation and artificial worlds
    From the point of view of customers, perspective biological environment should not be placed on the Earth (even initial test site). Initially it could be done on space station, but the main goal is to prepare separate planet. Current fundamental state of space technologies is a significant blocker to proceed with this work. Customers requested cheap and powerful transport way to achieve space objects and create new space elements. So it’s investigation of teleportation and developing of artificial environment
  • Computer hardware systems which are able to work in extreme radiation environment
    This part completely related to initial work on space objects to prepare them for creation of biological environment