Fluid and solid mechanics

Mechanics of continuum from the book by Sedov

  1. From the “Introduction” by Sedov
  2. From the “Kinematics of a deformable medium” by Sedov
  3. From the “Dynamic concepts and dynamic equations of continuum mechanics” by Sedov
  4. From the “Closed systems of mechanical equations for the simplest models of continuous media, and some information from tensor analysis” by Sedov
  5. From the “Basic concepts and equations of thermodynamics” by Sedov
  6. From the “Basic concepts and equations of electrodynamics” by Sedov
  7. From the “Formulation of problems in continuum mechanics” by Sedov
  8. From the “Hydromechanics” by Sedov
  9. From the “Theory of Elasticity” by Sedov
  10. From the “Theory of Plasticity” by Sedov
  11. From the “Introduction to the theory of plane problems of the theory of elasticity and theory of cracks” by Sedov


  1. From the “Nonlinear tensor functions of several tensor arguments” by Sedov
  2. From the “Continuous media models with internal degrees of freedom” by Sedov

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