From the “Hydromechanics” by Sedov

  1. Hydrostatics
  2. The general theory of steady motions of ideal liquids and gases. Bernoulli Integral
  3. Bernoulli integral for an incompressible heavy fluid
  4. The phenomenon of cavitation
  5. Bernoulli integral for adiabatic flows of a perfect gas
  6. The effect of compressibility on the shape of current tubes. Elementary Laval nozzle theory
  7. The application of integral relations to the finite volumes of the material medium with steady motion
  8. Interaction of liquids and gases with streamlined bodies during steady motion
  9. The main units of hydrodynamic and gas machines
  10. The main elements of the theory of jet thrust
  11. Potential flows of an ideal fluid. Cauchy-Lagrange integral
  12. Potential motions of incompressible fluid. Properties of harmonic functions
  13. The problem of the motion of a sphere in an unlimited volume of an ideal incompressible fluid
  14. The kinematic problem of the motion of a rigid body in an unlimited volume of an ideal incompressible fluid
  15. Energy, momentum, angular momentum of a liquid when a solid is moving in it and the basis of the theory of attached masses
  16. Forces of action of an ideal fluid on a body moving in an unlimited mass of fluid
  17. Gas movements with small perturbations
  18. Propagation of plane waves of finite amplitude (Riemann waves)
  19. The movement of the ball inside a viscous incompressible fluid
  20. The movement of an incompressible viscous fluid in cylindrical pipes
  21. Turbulent fluid motion
  22. The equations of the laminar boundary layer
  23. The boundary layer when flowing around an incompressible fluid flat plate. Blazius problem
  24. Some important effects of the motion of a viscous fluid in a boundary layer
  25. Determination of the velocity field from given vortices and sources
  26. Important examples of vortex fields
  27. The dynamic theory of cylindrical vortices
  28. The motion of a system of continuously distributed vortices in an ideal fluid
  29. Diffusion of vortices in a viscous incompressible fluid

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