Creation of synthetic tissues and organs to produce cybernetic organisms

The planned product will be presented in the form of liquid material delivered to the end user along with the device programmer, power supply and software. Using the device programmer, the liquid material is able to take the given plastic and solid forms, as well as provide motor and temperature functionality

Using a large library of templates which supplied with the programmer software, the user will be able to many times re-configure various visual appearances and behavior patterns, as well as download new templates from online resources and create their own

The user purchases only containers with liquid material and a control system, so that the final usage is kept confidential and, in principle, there are no legal restrictions, because the form and behavior are determined by the client and are limited only by imagination

Kostiantyn Myronov

  • Experience in commercial software and hardware development since 2003
  • Main specialization in the area of media processing software and hardware systems
  • Scientific investigations during main career on applying of theoretical physics and computational methods to create completely synthetic biological objects

From technology perspective this research covers:

  • Computer modeling of physical processes and computational experiments, mostly in the area of fluid and solid mechanics
  • Theoretical models of programmable material, as well as behavior models from cybernetics and compiler theory
  • Deep analysis of the all possible adult materials to create configurable form and behavior templates